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Video Audio To MP3 Wave Converter

video to mp3 wave converter
Video Audio to mp3 wave Converter

Video to mp3/wave Extract is a powerful tool for video file to mp3 wave conversion.


The main features include: convert avi to mp3 wave,real format to mp3 wave, vcd/svcd/dvd to mp3 wave,mpeg1/mpeg2 to mp3 wave.Convert wave ogg wave wma to mp3 ,support for WMV DivX AVI, MPEG1 (layer1, layer2, and layer3), MPEG2, MPEG4 RM RAM and RMVB formats;


User-friendly interface lets you easily preview video files and convert;


Support split a large audio video file into several small mp3(wave) files .Extract any section from video and save it as mp3/wave.


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Video to mp3/wave Extract main features:

  • Extract mp3/wave from avi
  • Extract mp3/wave from vcd/svcd(dat file)
  • Extract mp3/wave from dvd(vod file)
  • Extract mp3/wave from rm
  • Extract mp3/wave from ram
  • Extract mp3/wave from rmbv
  • Extract mp3/wave from mpeg1/mpeg2
  • Extract mp3/wave from wmv
  • Extract any section from video and audio files
  • Preview video files and convert
  • Split mp3 wave ogg wma files
  • Preview before extract (what you see is what is you get),
  • Wave mp3 output settings.

Software requirements:

Technical FAQ


Q1.I cannot install Video to MP3/WAVE Extract on my pc,why?

Video to mp3/wave Extract based on Microsoft, DirectX technology,you need install Window media format runtime. and Window media format runtimebefore install Video to MP3/WAVE Extract



Q2. I cannot convert mpg/DVD to any other mp3 / wave. Every time I try the program crashes with an error message.

Download an MPEG-2 Encoder at here and install it.



Q3. I cannot convert Rm ,RMVB,RAM To wav or mp3 formats ,why?

If you cannot convert Rm ,RMVB,RAM To wav or mp3 formats ,You need you need to install RM Codec .after thar you can convert realmedia format to mp3 wav format with few clicks.



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